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After beta testing the first version, I figured out a MUCH better way to do thumbnail linky tool, thanks to YOUR help and great comments. Now the cropping is way cool and I’ve made it where the blog owner can choose different sizes of thumbnails (80, 120, 160 or 200 pixels).

Would you help me beta test the new tool? I’ll be your best friend forever. Below are two lists, testing the 60px setting, and the 200 pixel setting.

Let’s call these “Come Visit My Blog” lists…. leave a thumbnail (in both lists if you want), and link to your blog. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TEST THIS!

80 pixel Size

200 pixel size

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  • What a fabulous idea. I can’t wait to be able to try it out.

  • Brent….I am totally in LOVE with the new thumbnail linky! I use it for my memes and I even incorporated into using it for my Favorite Posts section. Great job!!

  • I really love the new thumbnail idea. When some linky lists are hundreds of links long, it is very helpful to look at a picture and get an idea of which ones you want to visit. You efforts to improve the blogging world are very much appreciated. Just curious if you will still be running the themed blog hops?

  • Hey Brent! This system is really simple to use. Thank you! One thing I would add is a “Thanks, you’re finished” note at the end, and a way to get back to the original linky list. Just a thought!

  • Hmmmm, sorry if this is duplicate, but my comments don’t seem to be showing up:
    1 – This is super cool, great job! and
    2 – Do you know when the code will be available? A bunch of us are doing a #twitterhouseparty/#twitterhometour blog hop next week and we’d love to use it!

  • In an Oh so visual world…………what a clever idea! woot woot

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